Law Enforcement & Security Appreciation Banquet

Law Enforcement & Security Appreciation Banquet

The Law Enforcement & Security Appreciation Banquet Steering Committee is comprised of chapter presidents of several Hawaii based Security Associations who volunteer their time to administer program. The originating association, ASIS, started the appreciation banquet 30 years ago with the development of a process to promote, encourage and recognize excellence in the fields of Law Enforcement and Private Security, through the presentation of specific awards each year.

Any Law Enforcement agency, Private Security agency, or Security Association may submit nominations for specific service awards, or for private individual awards within the State of Hawaii connected with law enforcement or security. The program is non profit and any funds raised are used to offset the banquet costs or carried over to the next years banquet costs.

This year we celebrate our 31st year honoring the men and women of law enforcement and security who make daily sacrifices to keep our citizens and community safe.






May 15, 2015
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